Tough loss for Smashers


Congratulations to our two winning lines from yesterday’s match!
Lisa @ S2 & Karen & Jennifer @ D3!

I’m sorry I had to leave before Lisa was off the court, but it sounds as though she gave it all she had & in her words “crawled off the court” after a third set tie-breaker! Although I’m sure she’d agree the win is usually worth the pain!
We were all there to congratulate Karen & Jen on their success, quite handily as well! It appears they work great together & are quite a duo!
Laura @ S1 had an amazing match against another 3.5 player, winning the second set without giving her opponent a game! It came down to a third set tie-breaker which her opponent squeaked out the final points! Challenging to play in between a “two” Bar Mitzvah day!
Liz & I @ D1 had a tough match with some good points which were not reflective of our scores! We’d love a rematch, but they’ll be playing 3.5!
DiAnne & Michele @ D2 had a great match with very close scores @ 4-6 4-6! They’re nicely matched as teammates & played as Claudia has taught “the front person driving the bus”! A few issues occured on their court that heated up the afternoon & appear were “lessons learned” for all of us in terms of court rules! I’ll do some research, since most are not addressed in the short version of our rules and get firm answers on the following…

Can a player leave the court with his/her racquet during a match?
Can two teammates leave the court together during a match for a bathroom break?
Can a player drink between each game or only when changing sides and not between the 1st & 2nd game?
Is the match forfieted by a team if a teammate from another court walks on the court still in play?

Great playing everyone!
Next match is 3/20 @ 2:00 in Rocky Hill.

-Reported by Captain Patti Maciag