Tough loss for Simsmore Smashers!!


At S1 we had Laura, who played against another player, who was ALSO promoted to 3.5. The other player must have been Super-Serena-good because she managed to beat Laura 6-2, 6-3. These ladies were very evenly matched, and we were surprised by the outcome.

Our surprise turned to concern when we found out we defaulted S2.

Doubles time….. so we come in, knowing we are 2 down, and now EVERY doubles line had to win, in order for us to win the match.

D3 finished first and quickly. Anne was on fire, with her blazing cross-court returns and consistent playing. I want to thank Claudia for correcting where I stood while my partner served yesterday. I played much closer to the net than I usually do. This allowed me to poach the VERY first point successfully! That set the tone for the rest of the match, they were scared. We were aggressive, used our split-steps, our tosses were good, serves were hard for them to return, we lobbed successfully, we came in together and rocked at the net. We had a DECISIVE (6-0!!!!, 6-3!) victory today. That’s one for the Smashers…

D1 finished next. Our Captain Patti and our Catherine were well-matched with the other team. Catherine was sportin’ the latest in fancy hairpins that gave her excellent visibility, her edge, and I dare say, style! These strong players attribute their very close but clear 6-4, 7-6 win to their coaches. In particular using “touch”. Way to go!!!

Now we’re tied 2 to 2, and D2 is finishing the last few games of their match. Patti H and Susan were evenly matched with the other team. In the first set they were even. Canton won the first set in tie-break 7-6. Smashers were up in the second set by three games but they lost the second narrowly at 6-4.

– Reported by Karen Deacon