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Wilson Six.One BLX(95)(16x18)'12


Wilson Juice Pro BLX(96)

The Juice Pro BLX (96) delivers generous power and spin in a tour-level frame. With the help of BLX technology, this racquet offers cleaner feedback and more comfort. The Pro is heavier than the other models in the family for players who want a little more stability. The mid-plus head size provides better access to spin and the light weight offers better maneuverability, which will appeal to a variety of players. It has a unique modern feel for both aggressive players and players looking for an ideal “all-around” racquet. Recommended for players with moderate to fast swing styles.

 Wilson Six. One BLX (95) (16 x 18)

Wilson Six. One BLX (95) (16 x 18)

The Six. One BLX (95) (16 x 18) is one of Wilson’s most popular frames because it packs great control and stability with enough pop to smash stunning winners from any location on the court. It is now updated with Amplifeel technology, which is a handle technology that provides an even cleaner and enhanced feel in the racquet. It allows for a customized handle system providing additional handle comfort to further support maximizing the feel in each racquet. The heavy weight helps to pack a punch and the head light balance provides plenty of maneuverability. This frame’s consistency and stability will offer players with longer, faster strokes quite a performance. Choose the open 16 x 18 string pattern for more pop and spin.

Prince EXO3 Tour (100) (16x18)


Prince EXO3 Tour (100) (16×18)

Designed to perform at the highest levels of the game, the new EXO3 Tour with enhanced string suspension inserts delivers better ball response and more “pop” on off-center hits for players who like to take a rip at the ball. The large holes increase aerodynamics for faster racquet head speed, delivering more power and spin. Additionally, aggressive players with faster and longer swing styles will appreciate the open string pattern that provides extra power and easy access to spin without sacrificing control, as well as the excellent maneuverability and flexibility for better movement around the court.

Head YouTek IG Speed MP 300


Head YouTek IG Speed MP 300

The YouTek IG Speed 300 is a slightly more powerful version of the Speed MP models and offers added maneuverability. Additionally, it features Head’s newest technology, Innegra. Head has combined their carbon composite technology with Innegra, a lightweight, high performance fiber, in order to improve stability and increase shock absorption. This new technology combined with YouTek technology provides consistent performance over the life of the frame. The Speed 300 offers a lighter option in the MP models for the player looking for power and easier handling. The open string pattern provides easy access to spin and more pop. Although this is a lighter model, it still designed for players who like to play aggressive, fast paced games. Thanks to d3o and Innegra, stability, power, and comfort are all present and accounted for in this frame. Recommended for advanced players who take longer, faster strokes.