The Grinch Visits Simsmore Tennis!


In another Simsmore Tennis first, The Grinch, aka the Great Green One, visited the club on Friday, December 18. Unannounced. At first, the Grinch merely ate left over cookies, emptied the Heineken mini keg, and scared children. Seeing the courts, he ran to court three, stole a racquet, and hit several wicked overheads (see below).

The Grinch, a little tense for good extension.

After working off some excess energy, the Grinch returned to the lounge. His demeanor had changed, it was almost like his heart had grown in size. He now convinced a young minority woman to pose with him, although he had to hold her tight (below)

The Grinch and an unidentified minority woman, believed to be Angela Maine

Seeing no more cookies, and warming to the female form, the Grinch convinced a Simsmore worker to pose on his lap, while management lurked nearby, apprehensive for the well being of the skilled worker (below)

The Grinch tricked a naive Simsmore worker, Kim Briggs, to sit on his lap.

Finally, with so many women under the Grinch’s spell, a horde from the Cosmo Girls formed a human wreath around the Great Green One (below)

And just like that, the Grinch was gone. But not before he filled out an employment application, and secured email addresses from several cosmos.