Smashers do it again!


The tables and couches were all filled for this exciting match. Spectators, family members, and a dog named Willy, all made it to the big event today…..
You all looked like professionals, kicking off your warm-up with the team running the lines of the court, the jog, the kick the hiny, raisin’ the knees, you know, the Tyler drill. There was the essential lower and upper body stretching that kept you all safe and lookin’ quite intimidating prior to the big event. I saw the sweat on the other team’s faces when they watched your pre-game work-out.
Onto the match…..
I came in late for the singles, but saw a very happy Catherine emerging victorious up the stairway. She reports a solid win 6-1, 6-2 at S1. Catherine’s ability to hit the lines and run her competition ragged in that side-to-side ball placement was the key to her success.
Lisa, at S2, took the red-eye home from Vegas to play in this match. Our jetsetter played hard against a very fit and experienced player. She lost a mighty battle, 3-6, 1-6.
Patti and “last minute” Laura played at D1. We found out at the end of the match that it was really a battle of two 3.5’s and two 3.0’s. One of each per team. So this was truly a 3.25 match. The other team hit very hard and were incredibly consistent. They drove the ball with a force to be reckoned with. They were incredibly hard to beat. There were some vicious rallies and Patti hit some beauties at the net. The scores (3-6, 2-6) do not reflect the effort put forth.
Next to finish was D3, starring DiAnne and Michele…. These gals kicked some you-know-what. The before game phone calls, the late night strategizing ALL paid off. These ladies got into a rhythm and won many long rallies and back-to-deuce games. They took advantage of the other team’s weaknesses. There was no mercy when their opponents didn’t serve and volley. They made them pay! They spied a weak backhand, so they capitalized on that, too. When Michele found her serve when they were ahead, they were unstoppable! Not even a loud episode of self-inflicted bruising kept them down, both of them found their swings and their calm. It was beautiful to watch! They won both sets, 6-3, 6-2.
D2, aaahhhh, D2 the deciding and final line. Sooo, Susan and Allison fought hard in some very long points. We all sat at the edge of our seats during, and especially at the end of this one. They managed to come back from losing the first set 2-6, to take the second handily, 6-4. Susan’s calm and getting everything, overheads, drop shots, lobs, etc on the ad court and Allison’s serve were the highlights. Both women possess wicked backhand volleys that were crucial to their success. They won the match tie break 10 to 6. VERY IMPRESSIVE The fans, who were in much better control than usual, went wild AFTER they won. A well-deserved standing O was their reward.
Thanks for the pleasure of watching you all, the food was yummy and the other team was gracious and friendly. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
-Reported by Karen Deacon