Simsmore Happenings!


Hi Simsmore Tennis!

Mixed Leagues Forming

We’ve had such great success with USTA leagues at Simsmore that we’ve decided to add a couple of mixed doubles teams. You can sign up for an 8.0 or 9.0 team (the sum of the male and female rating). If you don’t have a rating, one of our pros will help you with a self rating. To form a team, we need at least 10 players on the roster. Only six are needed for a match, since a match consists of D1, D2, and D3. Play begins in January. For inquiries, call Claudia at 651-7900.

Weekend of December 12, 2007

We had a great weekend, as many of you know that were here.  The Simsmore Family Festival was a hit for us, mostly because the weather was cold and they did this punch card thing so everybody that visited Simsmore made their way to 530.  And once they got here, they found it a very fun, warm, and welcoming place.  Special kudos to Tyler and Claudia, both did a great job of greeting people, telling them about our programs, and getting them settled in doing a craft or watching Charlie Brown.

Our junior matches were a big hit too, as both teams had victories.  As parents, we know that it’s the fun and experience that counts, but we also know our kids, and if they don’t feel the accomplishment of victory once in a while, it’s not good.  Great jobs by all the kids!

Long Term Member Appreciation Night, Friday December 7th

Do your bones crack all day? Do you consider moans legitimate conversation? Do you still complain about FDR? You may be eligible for free tennis! At least for one night. This Friday at 6:30 PM, we’re having an appreciation night for our members that have been with us the longest, that have kept this ship upright all these years. Call Claudia or our front desk to reserve your spot!

Teen Night, Friday December 14th

Do you play video games all day? Do you consider “like” and “whatever” to be legitimate conversation? Are you in the dark when people talk about FDR? You may be eligible for our teen tennis night, on the 14th! Come join other like minded kids for a fun time on the courts and in the lounge. Call to reserve your spot, or signup on the bulletin board!

Billing Billing Billing!!

Well, from our point of view, all the invoices are created and have been distributed! We would be relieved, except now we transition to collections. It is a pitiful sight when actuaries and tennis pros team up to provide muscle to get bills paid. Don’t let it come to this! Pay your bill now, and know you’re helping us stay afloat.

Homework/Computer Lab Update

If tennis clubs have survived all these years using paper and pencils, how come Simsmore Tennis has seven computers, and we still think we need more? There should have been a warning with an actuary owner (e.g. “possible side effects of actuary-owner include fascination with RAM, and long periods of quietness”). To really appreciate the computer/homework lab, you need to visit us in the afternoons during our junior program. The space is crawling with kids of all ages, playing games, checking emails, there could even be some IM going on… I’m not sure what that is, but I’m told it is legal.

The common element for the kids is that they also play tennis. Hey, it’s 2007 and technology is second nature to these kids. As parents, we know we need to help our kids attain a balanced lifestyle, and if a few computers draw them in to get them exercising on the court, that’s a good solution. And if you’re Old School, you’ll be happy to know that you only see true joy on the kids’ faces when they’re on the courts (or eating pizza).

Also, special thanks to Claudia Franklin. First, way back in August, she confirmed my suspicion that kids (and their parents) would really respond to better lighting at Simsmore Tennis for homework. Then, when she saw that I go overboard on things (seven computers and counting), she gave us a lot of old software for the kids’ pc’s. Thanks Claudia!

Men’s Double Challenge

We’ve been gratified by all the men wielding sticks on our courts, but it is stretching our existing programs! Good problem, but calls for expansion. We’re adding two nights, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM, of double Challenge for the men. Doubles Challenge is an inexpensive ($15 per night) way to get a good workout with other men of similar ability. Each night you are teamed with three other men on one court, and you play a set with each person. Partners rotate every week. When you join Doubles Challenge, you join for the season, so we ask you to let us know what dates are good. We then use that information to develop rotations that keep everyone playing as much as they want, with good competition. This program is not just targeted to new members, but is also a good fit for almost any men currently playing season time. Call Claudia for more details.