Welcome Back!


Greetings Simsmore Tennis Friends, Enemies, and Hanger-ons

How is summer?  You must be busy, because my invitation to your barbecue hasn’t even arrived yet!  Well, I hope it is going well.  Why live in Connecticut if you can’t enjoy the rain, I mean summer.

On to business.  Very soon, our indoor tennis season will begin.  Many of you vowed to return in the fall meaner and leaner.  How’s that going for you?  Relax, we’ll get you lean and mean during the indoor season.

Season Time Groups

If you’re in a season time group, you probably already received a package via email or in the mail, unless your group is in temporary disarray (you know who you are!).  We’ll include a schedule for the new year, an invoice for the full indoor season, and a note explaining how much to pay and when.  Just like last year, you’ll need to pay what you owe, preferably before joining your group on the courts.  I’m attaching the season time schedule, in case you haven’t seen it.

Charlotte, don’t build your web here

Speaking of the courts, we’ve given all four courts a good scrub.  We’ve also dusted like crazy, and we hired a dude with a flute to draw out any varmints.  Actually, we’ve rebuilt the back wall behind the curtains to keep the varmints out and the balls in.  Plus we painted the back wall white so it isn’t so scary behind the curtain.  It’s quite nice.  Some players may choose to have high tea back there.  We’ll develop pricing for that.

Farmers Market

On September 3, Simsmore Tennis will have a booth at the weekly farmer’s market.  We’ll have simple games for the simple minded, and we’ll be giving away some Simsmore Tennis water bottles.  These are the same bottles we’ll try to charge $2 once the indoor season begins!  If you’re at the market, stop by and act like you know us.

Programs Announced

If you’re ready to start, so are we.  With this email, we’re including both our adult program flyer, and our junior flyer.  We’re bringing back most of your favorite programs from last year, at least the ones we made money on.  The flyers have all current information regarding indoor classes, round robins, etc.  We’re expecting a busy year, so sign up often and early.  651-7900.  Leave a message before 8/24, the date we start staffing for the fall.

Financial Stuff

First, we narrowed our financial loss last year.  Now doesn’t that sound like something a US auto company would say?  But it’s true.  Our loss was pretty modest, and our revenues grew about 15% from the prior year, so we’re happy with the trends  Nonetheless, never never never believe that anyone at Simsmore Tennis is rolling in the dough.  We’re just a bunch of people that enjoy tennis and enjoy making it a fun diversion for our players.  But, we do want to make a little money, so we can buy beer or hashish (medicinal only), and we’re working on that.  We’re raising our prices a little bit on select classes that are really popular, but our master plan is simply to get more people playing tennis, and we do that by making it fun and pleasant for you to visit us.

So that’s what’s up with us.  Enjoy the rest of August and see you in September!


Chief Duster and Spider Remover