RESULTS: Smashers Victory!!!


Here are the Details:
The salad was great, although there wasn’t enough champagne…oh, sorry, you probably don’t really don’t care about that part, do you? Okay then, back to the match……

At S1 was Cordial Laura Giannone, who seemed to be having a really great time, laughing and exchanging encouraging words with her adversary. Fortunately kindness prevailed…Laura won the first set 7-5, was down in the second 2-6, and triumphed in the tie-break to win @ S1.

At S2 Steady Lisa Stevenson was cool under pressure playing against a very solid player. Lisa’s consistency and ability to prevail in MANY long rallies proved fatal to her opponent. She had a stunning win 6-4, 6-3.

In D1 Patti and Catherine started off DOWN in BOTH SETS (0-2 in the first and 0-3 in the second!!!!) and rallied their way BACK TO VICTORY 6-4 and took the second set in tiebreak 7-6! WAY TO GO!


D2 Anne and Brooke played well against some very stiff competition, their scores were 3-6, 4-6.

D3 Karen and Jen played a real nail-biter at D3. Every point went so long we ran out of time!! Took over an hour and a 1/4 to play the first set. We were neck-in-neck the entire time. Jen had many great rallies, and I had some beauties at the net. We used touch, we lobbed, we changed sides, we did it all. We made it to tiebreaks in both sets and lost both, heartbreakingly. Our scores were 6-7, and 5-3. Despite the outcome, WE HAD A BLAST.

-Reported by Karen Deacon