Perfect Racquets Victory!!!


I am happy to report that the Perfect Racquets put one in the W column last evening. Thank you to all that played and to the friends that cheered us on.
S1 Audra took out Maxine in a match tie-break. She arrived at the club looking a bit under the weather and taking motrin, not a good sign I thought. Oh how wrong I was…
S2 Catherine won easily in two sets. She was very composed, the ground stokes were beautiful! Her opponent spent lots of time shaking her head wondering what she should do next!
D1 Geri and Deanna played a very challenging team…We had moments of splendor and some of disaster trying to get it going. We fought hard and just could not get ahead!
D2 Kim and Jeanne also fought hard. The points that I was able to catch looked great with Kim and Jeanne all over the court…Next time gals…
D3 Heidi and Julie P. won easily in two sets. They were simply too strong for their opponents…Way to go gals.
Our next match is March 13. Let’s put another in the W column…
-Reported by captain Geri Paradis