New Approach to Season Time


Starting with the 2010/11 indoor season, players wishing to reserve courts for the entire season will be required to pay in full in September. This is a change from current practice, but it is a necessary one, as we want our staff focusing on greeting customers warmly and talking tennis, and not on collections. Without this change, we would continue to face frequent criticism of our accounting system, primarily because we set up a receivable for the full year court cost, and this receivable confuses many of our players when they review their bill.

We think our players would be foolish to leave Simsmore Tennis on the eve of our expansion project, but we feel just as strongly that we should disclose any change in our practices prior to summer, so players that dislike the change have ample opportunity to research alternatives.

In the spring, we will be billing all players that were members in the current season for the cost of membership for 2010/11. But we no longer will take deposits for court rentals. This also is a point of confusion in our current system, and we feel we are better off without it. This means that players that rent a court for the season will get an invoice for membership in the spring (memberships expire on May 31, so the new membership covers 6/1 to the following 5/31), and an invoice for their share of the season court rental in the summer, payable in September.

With our expanded facility and amenities, 2010/11 will be our best season ever, and we look forward to all our players returning to enjoy our new look and feel. The cost of season court rentals will not change from the current year.