Men’s 4.0 Team heading to districts!!!


Nice solid victory today against FF. They had a lot of trouble fielding a team, only 3 lines contested, but good for us to win two of them. Jason lost 10-7 in a 3rd set tiebreaker at S1. But Aram and Mike K won in straight sets at D1 and Len and Mark won in straight sets at D2. Special thanks to JonS, Lowell, and Jeff for also being available today. As it turns out I was available also, but no credit is awarded because it was after the fact!

So now we are champs, heading to districts! A well earned visit. Thanks Jeff for the good lineups.

Between now and then we have two more matches, both against Pinewoods. Last weekend in March and the first weekend in April. They’ve been competitive with the other three teams this season. We’re stronger than them, but we still have to prove it on the court.

-Reported by Tim Ruark