Lion of Judah Partnership

Lion of Judah Partnership

2012-11-05_09-06-04_304Always on the lookout to improve their “service”, Simsmore Tennis has teamed up with the Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania, East Africa.

The Lion of Judah Academy
(“Simba wa Yuda Academy” in Swahili) is an English language Christian school for underprivileged children in Tanzania, East Africa; especially AIDS orphans and the children of poor Tanzanian pastors.  It currently goes from Awali (kindergarten) to Form Four (last grade of basic high school).  Over 500 students currently are studying at The Lion of Judah Academy and it has become one of the outstanding schools in all of Tanzania.  The secondary students (high school) consistently score within the top 0.5% of all Tanzanian high schools on their national exams!

But the most distinctive characteristic of the school is the emphasis on developing the spiritual lives of the students, as followers of Jesus Christ. Students from all tribes and religious backgrounds — and from no religious background — are welcome at The Lion of Judah Academy, and the school community is a diverse one.

Since the school was founded by Lynn and Hart Inlow in 2001, Simsmore owners Tim and Sheryl Ruark have been supporting the school generously. This generosity has become contagious and now the Simsmore Tennis community has gotten behind the school. In early September a small team visited the school, and some fantastic work was accomplished, including starting a tennis program (see below) and some great work on the water system.

Kelly Berry, one of our pros, brought the tennis equipment with the help of a number friends at the Simsmore Tennis Club and the U.S. Tennis Association.  The first day she dived headfirst into the work of teaching tennis.  And the kids loved it!  Not only did they love it, some of them were pretty darned good!  Tennis lessons became one of the hottest items at The Lion of Judah Academy.  As the time came to an end, lots of students were expressing the hope that Kelly would leave the tennis equipment at the school (she did) and the tennis program would continue (it is)!

No one could have anticipated the enthusiasm Kelly generated when she visited The Lion of Judah Academy! The story was even taken up by the USTA!

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