Happy Thanksgiving from Simsmore Tennis!


Happy Thanksgiving from Simsmore Tennis!  I present this rare email with limited propaganda, and much gratitude.

I’m thankful for all our customers that arrive with a smile, or at least ready to smile if someone trips and falls.  Yes, tennis is good exercise and yes some of you have been evicted from your house so you need a place to go anyway, but seriously, what’s the point of playing tennis if you’re not having a blast?

I’m thankful for every tennis player that leaves food and drinks in the fridge, and fails to put their name on it.

I’m thankful for customers that have adopted the Simsmore Lifestyle.  You know who you are!  They play the doubles, they sip the coffee, they do the tennis commentary, e.g. “Should have closed there!”  “Would it kill her to split step?”  And our favorite, “Tyler didn’t teach you that!”

I’m thankful for every car I see with a Simsmore Tennis magnet.

I’m thankful for all the customers that don’t take our beautiful club for granted, and still tell us how nice the lighting is, how clean the courts are, or how blue my eyes are.   Alright, I made up that last one.

I’m thankful for employees that show up early, banter with customers, balance the cash drawer, and tell their friends they work at the best tennis club in Connecticut.

I’m thankful that Linda is a survivor!

I’m thankful for tennis pros that love to teach, love to fill courts, love to see our customers getting better, and love drinking one beer at the end of the day.

I’m thankful for Willie, who teaches me patience.

I’m thankful for our juniors, how they’ve set goals to improve or to make a high school team, and how hard they work every week to reach those goals.  Tennis can be a hard game to learn at first, and you can’t hide like with soccer or marbles, you’re out there for all to see.  The lessons learned by our kids will last a lifetime, or even longer if they have their head frozen when they die.

I’m thankful for real maple syrup, but that has little to do with tennis.

I’m thankful for Ladies Round Robin, which my wife has nurtured for three years.  Every Friday it is a perfect end to our week, as the women laugh, play hard, and simply enjoy seeing one another.  And I receive my bagel ration, with 1T of cream cheese.

I’m thankful for all the smartly dressed women that play every day.  I’m sorry I can’t reciprocate, but I am an actuary.  But note, if you do like my outfit, come in the next day and you’ll likely see it again.

I’m thankful my late father had a toy train and track, and that my mom gave them to Simsmore Tennis, and my brother Tom installed it in the kids’ room, and now Tammy has an extra toy to keep the little darlings occupied.

I’m thankful for Jim and Carolyn and all the enthusiastic players they’ve brought to the club, but mostly I’m thankful that Tyler and Claudia were laying the foundation for Simsmore Tennis long before Jim, Carolyn, or any other worker arrived, including me!

I’m thankful for tennis players that find their own subs.

I’m thankful for the Farmington Valley Academy and their bright little faces, and for The Masters School and their partnership with our pros to build a tennis team, and our Homeschoolers that enjoy time with friends, learning new skills.

I’m thankful for our water filter system, and for the men’s sauna, and our icemaker, and the defibulator, and the Elliptical, and yes, even Willie.

I’m thankful for soup club.

I’m thankful for hard working, clever thinking actuaries.  May they always wander the halls of Simsmore Tennis!

Respectfully Submitted,

Tim “not always grumpy” Ruark

Proud Owner of Simsmore Tennis, LLC