Great Weekend for Simsmore Juniors!


Saturday was a great local battle against Farmington Valley Racquet Club!

The Simsmore 18 & Under crew held strong for a 56-48 victory!

The doubles were split 2-2. Jason and Mary played the game of doubles to a “t” and won 6-3, high fiving on winning and losing points!
Rob and Colin brought on the second win with overpowering serves and net game!
The dilemma of being seperated from your partner, covering your line, getting the ball by the closer player and using soft shots will continue to be our focus in the doubles classes
The singles showed the need for variety on your game. Players that get the ball back more than you can create the need for the ability to determine the end of the point. Using the front court on either side of the net is the answer we are working on right now in our singles clinics.
Jason, Cameron, Colin, Lauren and Kelly won thier singles matches pushing Simsmore Tennis to a 56-48 win.

The match was a fantastic showing of local kids enjoying the game of tennis and playing hard!

The Simsmore Tennis 14 and under team showed an excellent display of effort and determination this Saturday, with at 66-35 win!

The most exciting match of the day was a win by Ashton and Cole at Doubles 2, 6-5(5-3). They were down 0-5, and then pulled out a win!!! In my day that was called “pulling a Jimmy”, after Jimmy Connors, a player that I saw win matches with true fire and grit! Congrats! Ashton and Cole revieved game balls for thier win.
Simsmore took all four doubles matches which was really important to us! We have placed a lot of focus on doubles and the team has put a lot of work into the doubles clinics and it really paid off!
Singles highlights included nice wins by Alex, Cole, Ashton and Paul. Paul displayed that if you know how to volley you cannot be over-powered!!. His opponent hit at Mach 2, Paul did not hit one groundstroke and won the match 6-0!
He recieved a game ball for his win. Nick had an epic Agassi-Rafter battle that held the attention of all the kids that weren’t playing. Nick lost in a tiebreak. His first tiebreak lost this year. He recieved a game ball for his match.
Game Balls are given to players after the match for exhibiting a high level of effort, focus and understanding of tennis and competition.
Thanks players for a great match!

–Reported by Coach Tyler Gibson