Great Weekend for Simsmore 3.0 Women!!!!



Congratulations to Laura @ S1 holding strong with 6-1 5-7 set scores & winning the tie breaker point with a 10-7 finish!
“Cheers” to Brooke who handily took on her opponent @ S2 in two sets 6-2 6-2 ! The official scores may be recorded @ 6-3 6-3 ~ isn’t there always a story!
Catherine & I had a slow start, losing the first set 2-6 before settling down to take the second set 6-3. The tie breaker was one painful point at a time, but finally our’s @ 12-10!
Allison & Lynn played strong in a very tough match, one that the scores 0-6 2-6 did not reflect the game they played! Despite the outcome, great tennis ladies!
DiAnne & Sheryl, battled it out with 4-6 7-6 scores taking there opponents (and yes, one really was a giant) to a tie-breaker and a “soo close” to a win finish! Next time!

Way to go team~ fantastic tennism played by all!

Next match is at Simsmore on Sunday 1/31.

-Reported by Captain Patti Maciag


The Cosmos Girls took 3 out 5 today. Congratulations to Stephanie S2, Penny and Pam D3 and Marianne and Angela D1 all winning their matches. Stephanie (Birthday girl 1/16) won in two 6/3, 6/3. Marianne and Angela went into a tie break. They started strong in the first set winning 6/2. Second set was not as easy, losing 4/6 but came into the 3rd set on fire and won. Penny and Pam (birthday girl #2 1/17)won in two straight sets 7/5, 6/4. The ladies we played were hell bent on winning but by watching the ball and getting to the net won it for us. Francine played S1 and played a really strong 3.5 player 6/3, 6/2. Charlotte and Kathy had a great match. They won the first set 5/7. the other team came back winning the second 7/5. In the tie breaker there was a little confusion on the time left and lost 8/10 but they played to the death, well, almost. I’m sure they felt it was to the death. Our record is 7/2. Our next match is Jan. 30 at home . Doubles at 1:00 and Singles at 3:00.
Way to Go Cosmo Girls!!!!!

-Reported by Captain Pam Whalen