Great day for Simsmore Juniors!!!


The 14U team had a decisive win this weekend over Canton winning 67-15.
We only dropped two matches against a less experienced team, but were courteous and humble in our proceedings.
Our players focused well and hit the right shots against players that did not always give them a lot of pace.
The team is undefeated and is looking to finish the season strong!!

The 18’s had a tight match but pulled it out 53-47!
The doubles were strong and we took 3 out of 4. Jason Sittambalam and Mary Pearce played mixed and had a rocky start but stuck with their basics and won 6-4.
Rob Brunstad and Cameron Raymes also won 6-4. Rob received a game ball for his extreme effort on every point for every ball and basically took over the match! His effort also carried over into the singles where his was down 0-2, but stuck with the game plan we discussed and won 6-3!
Meghan Rosenberger and Emma Spirko have had a great year, but found themselves down 2-5 in the doubles. Claudia used her magic wand of sound advice, the girls smiled, relaxed and won in a tiebreaker! They both received game balls for their awesome comeback! Great job!
Jason played a “singles specialist” who did not play in the doubles lineup. We thought he might be in trouble when we saw the kid’s backpack holding 3 racquets, but this did not seem to matter as Jason won 6-1!
The other singles were pretty even with wins and losses across the board. So it was the doubles that set us apart, which we are very proud of at Simsmore!

Thanks to everyone who played on both teams! It has been a great year for both teams and we are proud to recognize that our players know the rules, are polite, say the score and are always courteous win or lose!

Thanks to the parents for getting their kids to the matches and cheering them on!

All the best!

-coach tyler