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Great Job You Guys!!!

The Junior Program at Simsmore Tennis is based on teaching the fundamentals of technique, footwork, strategy and mental focus. These basic skills are applied to singles and doubles in a series of drills, games and match play.

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Antigua Tennis Week Day 5 (Thursday) http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-5-thursday/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-5-thursday/#comments Fri, 17 May 2013 12:45:56 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3688 Tennis Camp featured three days of team matches. This year, all players were put on one of two big teams. As luck would have it, Don, Tim, and Sheryl were all drafted on Team Caribe, headed by Fred Stolle. We were assigned matches each day, with the lineups chosen by our leaders. Matches were timed at 1 hour, so you played as many games as could fit in that time. All doubles.

Don and Tim got to play two of their three matches together as partners, and the fearsome duo were quickly nicknamed, The Brothers, like out of a mafia movie. We won both of those matches pretty easily, using our shared parentage and love of pizza club as a team building advantage. Scores were 9-5 and 9-3. One day we each teamed with other guests, but we won those matches pretty easily, also. We were a little stronger than the guys in our grouping, but it was very good tennis.

Sheryl was a big hero on the last day. Prior to that she won a couple and lost one, but on the last day our team was ahead by two matches, with four matches to go at 11am on the courts. We needed to split to be champions, but not only did we drop all three mens matches, but Sheryl and her teammate were behind 1-4. What a rally, however, as Sheryl stayed calm and cool in her new coral top, volleying easy and keeping everything in play, and the next thing you know, they won 4 straight games for a 5-4 victory. Team Caribe won the tiebreaker match for the week’s victory!

Putting the boating disaster behind us, Tim and Don got up on Thursday morning at 6:30 am to try deep sea fishing. It was a great way to see a big portion of the island, and enjoy a morning at sea. We only caught two fish, a 3 foot king mackeral and a smaller tuna. Best of all, the boat did not catch fire or smoke uncontrollably!

1. Don, in the chair, waiting for a strike on the deep sea fishing trip.


2. Two caught fish. The big one a King Mackeral, and the little one some kind of tuna, showing the bite marks received while on the hook.

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Antigua Tennis Week Day 4 (Wednesday) http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-4-wednesday/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-4-wednesday/#comments Thu, 16 May 2013 12:38:26 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3664

1. Tim plays in Pro/Am in Antigua, loses by one game, pouts through dinner.

2. Sheryl relaxes after a taxing day of breakfast in bed, spa, sailing, and extended happy hour.

3. Sheryl and Kayla lounge in Big Bubba, while 200 horses do the real work.

4. Not sure of its real name, but we call this fishing boat ‘Notorious’.

5. Nice view of the beach and swim area, from the speed boat.  Its nice because you can’t hear Sheryl or Kayla screaming.

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Antigua Tennis Week Day 3 (Tuesday) http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-3-tuesday/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-3-tuesday/#comments Wed, 15 May 2013 12:48:30 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3651 Today showed much promise, after a leisurely breakfast, and a quick team tennis match, Don and I would board the Resort’s charter boat for some deep sea fishing.  But I ordered my eggs ‘over easy’ and they came ‘over medium’.  Oh the humanity!  That should have been an omen.


We were half way out to sea, maybe 3 miles from shore, when the engine starting smoking, or at least we thought it was smoke.  It was every man for himself, and Don realized that I could not be counted on in a pinch.  Anyway, when the crew opened the engine compartment, the smoke poured out and you couldn’t even see the engine.  Eventually things cleared, and we saw that the engine coolant container had a leak, and it was spitting coolant on a very hot engine.  So the smoke was mostly steam, but the engine wasn’t going to work anymore that day.  The boat had a second engine, plenty of power to get us back to shore, but not enough power for the fishing this day.  We did see a very large turtle.


We reset ourselves, and began the process of lying on hammocks and ordering fruity drinks.  After three hours of that, we had regained our composure and were ready for dinner, dancing, and other mischief.

1. Don Ruark, sporting a Simsmore Tennis t-shirt, prepares for his fishing excursion in the deep blue sea.

2. Generally, when the captain and crew open the engine compartment while holding a fire extinguisher, and smoke billows out, you are certainly on a 3 hour cruise.  No fishing for us, back to port, and we’ll try again on Thursday.

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Antigua Tennis Week Day 2 (Monday) http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-2-monday/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-tennis-week-day-2-monday/#comments Tue, 14 May 2013 13:27:27 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3630 Although every day has its own itinerary and tempo, there are some similarities.  All days start with breakfast in the garden area, either with either friends you know or those you’ll know soon.  You order from a menu, and they have some local favorites, including pastries with an island twist.  Each day you also have a chance to get on the water.  You can take a catamaran sailboat out, or if you want guided tours, you can join in either a deep sea fishing trip or a snorkeling trip.  The guided tours are offered twice a day, every day.


Lunch is always on the beach.  By lunchtime, people have played an hour or two of tennis, so drinks start flowing at the bar.  Lunch is buffet style, and again you either grab a table with your date, or you join some other friends for a meal.  The buffet is really fresh, and always includes a salad bar with local fruits and vegetables, a fancy cheese display, a carvery, and a pasta station where the chef will create your own masterpiece (like they do at Mongolian Grill, but the view is better).


Every day also includes high tea at 4pm, back in the garden area, but in a more intimate setting than the breakfast. I only visited the first one, but it featured some traditional English items like those little sandwiches.  Like all high teas, I resist the urge to collect six little sandwiches at once, and put them on a hamburger bun to eat.  I pace myself.


And of course each day includes tennis, as much as you want.  Sunday and Monday featured clinics in the morning and doubles play in the afternoon.  There was a little mixed doubles, but mostly not.  The clinics are run just like Tyler runs our junior program.  Each court stresses one or two things, and the players rotate through the four courts. You’re assigned to players of similar ability on your court.  You’ll sweat a lot, because the heat/humidity is a step up from what we’re used to in May.  But you have all the drinks, ice, and towels you need at the tennis cabana, where we get all our instructions.  Steve Contardi, who runs the company behind Tennis Week in Antigua, sets up the matches as people arrive in the afternoon.


Last night they divided us into two teams, for more organized matches for the rest of the week.  I’ll post more on that as it plays out.  Most of the men are low 3.5’s through 4.0’s, with a few 4.5 players.  The women span from beginners through 4.5’s.  Everyone is very impressed with the quality of Sheryl’s play, and I’m told daily that I should volley as well as she does.  Then, they ask me why my strokes aren’t as smooth as Don’s.  Other than that, Antigua is great!


1. This is the restaurant on the beach, we eat lunch here every day!  Monday night they do a casual beach party for dinner.

2. Sunset.

3. The primary beach for loungers, hammocks, water sports, swimming.

4. Nice view of court 4, with Sheryl at the ready.

5. Fred Stolle and Owen Davidson offer encouragement to a happy camper.

6. Under the not-so-watchful eye of Davo, Kayla Ruark, a tennis beginner, gets in the swing.

7. Back at the ready, Sheryl Ruark prepares to volley.  Warm temps and refreshing ocean currents seemed to miraculously heal an otherwise bothersome knee.

8. World’s Largest Bouillabaisse, served at the Barefoot Beach Party, Monday night.  Note – may not actually be world’s largest.

9. Evidently we’ll go with a silhouette of the first couple of Simsmore Tennis, taken at the Bluff House, a private residence with a panoramic view of Atlantic and Caribbean Seas.

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Antigua Tennis Week Day 1 (Sunday) http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-day-1-sunday/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/antigua-day-1-sunday/#comments Mon, 13 May 2013 13:00:45 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3610 Happy Mother’s Day from Antigua! I’m told that the annual Tennis Week in Antigua usually is the first full week of May, so attendees make it back home on the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day. But in 2013 only, they had to make a change, and we’re getting to enjoy Mother’s Day in Antigua!


Our resort, Curtain Bluff, is fantastic, and amazingly beautiful. There are 24 men attending Tennis Week, and 20 women. I would guess that about 75% are couples where both play tennis, and the rest may or may not have a spouse in attendance. Most of the players have been here before, and they keep coming back (some for over a decade!), but then there are others like Sheryl and I, that are here for the first time (maybe a quarter of the players). More about tennis tomorrow.


Our hosts are Fred Stolle, Owen Davidson, and Ross Case, three tennis legends from Australia. They’ve been running Tennis Week in Antigua for a couple of decades. After just one day here, you learn that the hosts are very gracious to everyone in attendance, and still awesome tennis teachers. The resort is an “all inclusive”, and the staff is mostly locals that have worked here for years. They are very engaging, and have a strong desire to serve. And like a lot of places in the Caribbean, if the first thing out of your mouth is Good Morning, or Good Afternoon, you will do fine with the locals.


Today’s itinerary includes tennis clinics in the morning, lunch on the beach (that’s every day), tennis matches in the afternoon for those that want it, then a cocktail party at the private Bluff House, which used to be a part of Curtain Bluff. Then we take in dinner, at one of the two restaurants on the property. Finally, every evening they have a different band playing in the garden area, for the guests enjoyment. That’s a busy day!


1. Sheryl and I have a junior suite, with a sitting area near the walk out.

2. That’s the ocean view!


3. Step outside our door, and that’s the view to the left (Atlantic).


4. Look to the right, and that’s the rest of the view (Caribbean).

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Pre-match Doubles Duties http://simsmoretennisclub.com/pre-match-doubles-duties/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/pre-match-doubles-duties/#comments Tue, 20 Nov 2012 22:41:21 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3521 Here is a list of things that all good doubles teams need to have decided before they step on the court!

  1. Which side are you going to play? And if you loose the first set, are you going to switch sides in the second set?
  2. What are you going to choose if you win/loose the toss?
  3. Who is going to serve first?

On a more specific note, are you going to use signals? Do you like to talk a lot during the match? Or not!

These are personal choices that sometimes are better left alone, but the list above is essential for all teams at any level so there is no hesitation when it comes time for action on the court! It will make you look and feel more like a team rather than two confused individuals!

Have fun, play hard and be positive!

All the best!

Coach Tyler


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FRESH START! http://simsmoretennisclub.com/fresh-start/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/fresh-start/#comments Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:24:56 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3496 One of the great things about tennis is that at the end of every point you get a fresh start! Whether you won or lost the point its over! Time to play the next one. People are always saying that they wish they could have a do over! So that is the way we should look at our tennis points. Especially when you mess up!

Pete Sampras, a great champion, was quoted as saying… “…you have to have a short memory out there”.

The next time you go out there to play, go at it one point at a time! Have a short memory and enjoy your fresh start!


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Ready for anything! http://simsmoretennisclub.com/ready-for-anything/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/ready-for-anything/#comments Tue, 06 Nov 2012 19:19:30 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3488 Hopefully you and your family made it through the weather of last week safely! After last year’s storm I think the news teams and utility companies just wanted to make sure everyone was prepared for the worst!So I drew a tennis analogy of course… the split-step! The tennis version of the ultimate in storm preparation! And it doesn’t even cost anything, unlike those generators! Master the split-step and you will be ready for anything that your opponent hits!

If you need a refresher, check out our video lesson on this website!

All the best!

Coach Tyler

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University of Hartford’s 2nd Annual Tennis Celebration http://simsmoretennisclub.com/university-of-hartfords-2nd-annual-tennis-celebration/ http://simsmoretennisclub.com/university-of-hartfords-2nd-annual-tennis-celebration/#comments Mon, 22 Oct 2012 15:52:01 +0000 http://simsmoretennisclub.com/?p=3455 YOU’RE INVITED TO UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD’S SECOND ANNUAL TENNIS CELEBRATION!


               530 Hopmeadow Street.  Simsbury, CT 06070ACTIVITIES:   HAWKS TENNIS OPEN CLINIC – 2:00-3:30 P.M.

                       OPEN HIT WITH TEAM AND COACHES – 3:30-4:00 P.M.
                       ALUMNI DOUBLES MATCH – 4:00-5:30 P.M.WRAP UP AND PARTY FOOD/DINNER – 5:30-6:30PM

The University of Hartford’s men’s and women’s tennis programs invite you to be their guest at the second annual University of Hartford Tennis Celebration.  Please join us for a day of tennis in a party atmosphere.  Do some hitting, take a clinic from Division I coaches, or just watch great tennis from the club lounge with fellow supporters of Hartford Tennis.  Complimentary snacks and cocktails will be available.  
Come dressed to play.  All levels can participate.  Meet our amazing student-athletes, hone your game and receive playing tips.
In response to popular demand, University of Hartford Tennis hats and tee shirts will be available for purchase.  Come prepared to stock up for the holidays.  Proceeds will contribute to our fundraising efforts.
We hope you can join us for this exciting day and continue to show your support for Hartford Tennis.  Please feel free to bring family members and friends to the event.
There will be no charge at the door.  We encourage you to take the opportunity to donate to the University of Hartford Tennis programs at the event.  Credit cards and checks accepted.
If you are not able to attend and would like to support the programs, you may donate through the www.hartfordhawks.com website (be sure to click Tennis) or send a check payable to University of Hartford Tennis to:
Attention Ellen Crandall
Department of Athletics
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117-9950

On behalf of our athletic staff we look forward to seeing you:

Michael Louis
Head Coach
Men’s & Women’s Tennis

Victor Terranova
Assistant Coach
Men’s & Women’s Tennis

Laurie Weinstein
Associate Athletics Director
Compliance and Academic Services

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