Double Victories for 8.0 Mixed!


It was a sweet ending to a Simsmore weekend as both Simsmore Tennis 8.0 teams posted home victories. For the undercard, Simsmore1, also known as SinMore, pulled out a very close 2-1 victory over Canton. Julie McNeil and Jon Corbett won in straight sets at D1, Heidi Mullane and Tim Ruark won in a 3rd set tie breaker at D2, while Christina Bill and Lowell Kahn lost a close match at D3. The six pack adjourned to the lounge, joined by many hanger-ons and groupies. It was more than limoncello, as Lowell poured a red from his own winery, and Heidi supplemented with her friends from Mexico. From their high and mighty perch above the courts, SinMore had a perfect view of Simsmore2, captained by Carolyn Lee.

It was a great win for Simsmore2, a clean sweep over East Hartford. At D1, Carolyn C and Mike L won in a tie breaker. At D2,
Erica and Mike O’Sullivan were not really tested on this fair day, maybe next time. And at D3, Sharon Knight got an opportunity to match her husband’s big victory with one of her own, and she didn’t disappoint. She and Bob Zysk were winners at D3. Great job team!