Bead For Life


What does poverty stricken Uganda have in common with the affluent Farmington Valley?  Not much.  But Bead for Life at Simsmore Tennis is a start.  Here’s the deal.  These poor folks in Uganda take old magazines and they make the most beautiful jewelry out of it.  Somehow they compress the paper so that it looks like real beads.  Anyway, it’s lightweight jewelry, so it is easy to ship to the states without a lot of extra cost, so you can buy these pieces for as little as $5 or $10, and know you’re helping these wonderful people.  Our own Patti Rubin has been offering Bead for Life shows for the last couple of years, and she’s going to be in the lobby of Simsmore Tennis now and then throughout the holiday season.  Each piece comes with a card of thanks, describing the story from Uganda.  You can call Patti at 860-558-7025 for more details.  We hope you can help this worthy cause!