Antigua Tennis Week Day 5 (Thursday)


Tennis Camp featured three days of team matches. This year, all players were put on one of two big teams. As luck would have it, Don, Tim, and Sheryl were all drafted on Team Caribe, headed by Fred Stolle. We were assigned matches each day, with the lineups chosen by our leaders. Matches were timed at 1 hour, so you played as many games as could fit in that time. All doubles.

Don and Tim got to play two of their three matches together as partners, and the fearsome duo were quickly nicknamed, The Brothers, like out of a mafia movie. We won both of those matches pretty easily, using our shared parentage and love of pizza club as a team building advantage. Scores were 9-5 and 9-3. One day we each teamed with other guests, but we won those matches pretty easily, also. We were a little stronger than the guys in our grouping, but it was very good tennis.

Sheryl was a big hero on the last day. Prior to that she won a couple and lost one, but on the last day our team was ahead by two matches, with four matches to go at 11am on the courts. We needed to split to be champions, but not only did we drop all three mens matches, but Sheryl and her teammate were behind 1-4. What a rally, however, as Sheryl stayed calm and cool in her new coral top, volleying easy and keeping everything in play, and the next thing you know, they won 4 straight games for a 5-4 victory. Team Caribe won the tiebreaker match for the week’s victory!

Putting the boating disaster behind us, Tim and Don got up on Thursday morning at 6:30 am to try deep sea fishing. It was a great way to see a big portion of the island, and enjoy a morning at sea. We only caught two fish, a 3 foot king mackeral and a smaller tuna. Best of all, the boat did not catch fire or smoke uncontrollably!

1. Don, in the chair, waiting for a strike on the deep sea fishing trip.


2. Two caught fish. The big one a King Mackeral, and the little one some kind of tuna, showing the bite marks received while on the hook.

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