Antigua Tennis Week Day 3 (Tuesday)


Today showed much promise, after a leisurely breakfast, and a quick team tennis match, Don and I would board the Resort’s charter boat for some deep sea fishing.  But I ordered my eggs ‘over easy’ and they came ‘over medium’.  Oh the humanity!  That should have been an omen.


We were half way out to sea, maybe 3 miles from shore, when the engine starting smoking, or at least we thought it was smoke.  It was every man for himself, and Don realized that I could not be counted on in a pinch.  Anyway, when the crew opened the engine compartment, the smoke poured out and you couldn’t even see the engine.  Eventually things cleared, and we saw that the engine coolant container had a leak, and it was spitting coolant on a very hot engine.  So the smoke was mostly steam, but the engine wasn’t going to work anymore that day.  The boat had a second engine, plenty of power to get us back to shore, but not enough power for the fishing this day.  We did see a very large turtle.


We reset ourselves, and began the process of lying on hammocks and ordering fruity drinks.  After three hours of that, we had regained our composure and were ready for dinner, dancing, and other mischief.

1. Don Ruark, sporting a Simsmore Tennis t-shirt, prepares for his fishing excursion in the deep blue sea.

2. Generally, when the captain and crew open the engine compartment while holding a fire extinguisher, and smoke billows out, you are certainly on a 3 hour cruise.  No fishing for us, back to port, and we’ll try again on Thursday.