Antigua Tennis Week Day 1 (Sunday)


Happy Mother’s Day from Antigua! I’m told that the annual Tennis Week in Antigua usually is the first full week of May, so attendees make it back home on the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day. But in 2013 only, they had to make a change, and we’re getting to enjoy Mother’s Day in Antigua!


Our resort, Curtain Bluff, is fantastic, and amazingly beautiful. There are 24 men attending Tennis Week, and 20 women. I would guess that about 75% are couples where both play tennis, and the rest may or may not have a spouse in attendance. Most of the players have been here before, and they keep coming back (some for over a decade!), but then there are others like Sheryl and I, that are here for the first time (maybe a quarter of the players). More about tennis tomorrow.


Our hosts are Fred Stolle, Owen Davidson, and Ross Case, three tennis legends from Australia. They’ve been running Tennis Week in Antigua for a couple of decades. After just one day here, you learn that the hosts are very gracious to everyone in attendance, and still awesome tennis teachers. The resort is an “all inclusive”, and the staff is mostly locals that have worked here for years. They are very engaging, and have a strong desire to serve. And like a lot of places in the Caribbean, if the first thing out of your mouth is Good Morning, or Good Afternoon, you will do fine with the locals.


Today’s itinerary includes tennis clinics in the morning, lunch on the beach (that’s every day), tennis matches in the afternoon for those that want it, then a cocktail party at the private Bluff House, which used to be a part of Curtain Bluff. Then we take in dinner, at one of the two restaurants on the property. Finally, every evening they have a different band playing in the garden area, for the guests enjoyment. That’s a busy day!


1. Sheryl and I have a junior suite, with a sitting area near the walk out.

2. That’s the ocean view!


3. Step outside our door, and that’s the view to the left (Atlantic).


4. Look to the right, and that’s the rest of the view (Caribbean).