Another close win …. Michele won her singles match against Karen Whiting in 2 sets, Liz lost hers against Gail Leon. Danna and Linda pulled off a two set win against Carolyn and Wendy. Cheryl and Julie lost in a third set tiebreak to Jean and Marianne. So, at 2 – 2 it ended up coming down to the D3 team, Heidi and Paula, to win their third set tiebreak against Laura and Lynn. Never mind the tension on the court, upstairs at the window, everyone was watching … this is what real USTA should be about. Both teams watching avidly, hanging on every point, applauding loudly on each point won. Tensions were high, we all knew the stakes upstairs, luckily Paula and Heidi didn’t … they fought off one matchpoint against them and ended up serving to win the point. You don’t get a game any closer than that!

-Reported by Julie McNeill