4.0 Women Match Results


Well, today’s matches were all two sets. We lost 2:3 in the end but it was another close one. Linda and Danna faced Death By Lobbing from Emily and Gail and ended up being ground down by them. I was next to them and it was painful to watch/hear never mind painful to play in it!! D2 (Heidi and I) and D3 (Denise and Michele) won in straight sets.

S1, Liz, gave a valiant performance but lost 4-6 5-7 against Yen and Sharon lost to Mary Byrne in another extremely close match 5-7 6-7. This was a great first match for the team, Sharon, you should be proud of yourself!

Just one thing that came up – if players are having difficulty with scoring (especially with timed / unfinished matches) then they have to be left to themselves to work it out. No one is allowed to help them or go on the court and talk to them. This is why it is important for each player to have a copy of their rules in their bags and to have read them and make sure they know how it works. The rules are really tough when you run out of time, often down to “sudden death”.

Our next match is March 6th at home. Singles at 9am and doubles at 11am.

Thanks team. Great effort. And a special thanks to those who didn’t play and who wished us luck!

-Reported by Captain Julie McNeill