4.0 Men Beat the Champs


In case you missed it on ESPN, the Simsmore 4.0 men were victorious yesterday against the formerly unbeatable Middlebury!
We won 4-1, dropping only D1 in 3 sets. Aram Bolduc was not really tested at S1, as he won in straight sets. At S2, Chaz Weyer also won in straight sets, but it was a little tighter, but Chaz was patient and consistent, two winning qualities in tennis.

All three of our doubles lines won their first set. The match ended early, but few people knew it, because Mike Knight and Tim Ruark staged a little comeback in set two, posting a 6-2, 6-4 victory at D3. The media glare was on courts 1 and 2, but Mike and Tim were very adult about the lack of attention. That and the fact that we knew I would write this recap, and credit the duo accordingly.

So we ended up winning at D2, also, but dropping D1. At D2, Mike O’Sullivan and Jon Corbett won in three sets. On court 1, Jeff and Chris got a view of Middlebury’s efforts to reload, as they brought in a new player to replace some of the guys they lost. We fell in a shortened 3rd set.

So, congrats to the 4.0 men. You can’t win this league without beating Middlebury, so Simsmore is finally positioned to go after the league title. Enjoy the moment!